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The animals are what make puffin croft so special. A happy animal is a friendly animal and Puffin croft has some real characters! 

If you would like to find out more about adopting an animal please click here: 

all the money from animal adoptions goes to their continued care and well being. 


Measles & Morag
While not for Adoption these two are stars in their own right on the farm and very much a part of what happens at puffin croft. While this photo was taken when Morag was just a kitten her destiny was always to be the mousekeeping Matriarch and there are now a family of cats at the croft. Measles is without doubt Miss Puffins Shadow. Happy and friendly with everyone she meets she is what makes the Farmhouse Home. 

Jack  is 9 years old and can be a bit cheeky! visitors        often think he's Jenny's foal because he is much           smaller than her. 

 Jenny is 14 years old and the biggest animal on the        farm. Jack and her have had 4 foals over their life together but are now retired with Olive being her last. She is a gentle girl and an amazing mum.

Minature shetland ponies

Daisy is 5 years old and fairly new to the farm. She and Pepper live together and hopefully there will be a Foal born in the future!

Pepper is a 17 year old stallion. His winter coat is black but in summer he turns pure white! 


Henry - A black and White castrated pygmy male. He         loves head scratches and will stand there all day if          you continue to scratch him. He bosses the other              goats around being Head of the Herd.

 Eli - a dark brown castrated pygmy male. A quiet              friendly boy happy to be part of the gang and play            with the others. Likes to spend time with haggis
Haggis - a Tan/ginger castrated pygmy male.  friendly and curious. likes to spend time with Eli.

Willow - an Anglo-Nubian Cross and twin sister to        Beans.                                       

Beans - An anglo-nubian cross she is the twin sister      to Willow. Beans has a bent front hoof due to a weak tendon, she isnt in pain but it does make her walk funny sometimes. She is mother to 57. 

57 - the cheekiest goat on the farm and the reason the fences have had to be raised as she loves nothing more than jumping out and holding visitors ransom for carrots! She also has impressive ears! 

Scape - The newest member of the goat herd. born on the 20th March 2020. He is an Anglo-Nubian - all black apart from a brown patch on his back leg! Cute and full of bounce! Best friends with Risky. 

Risky - around the same age as Scape he is also a anglo nubian. Blonde with his little ghost face. He and Scape are always together.

Mr Bingley - a rather handsome fellow! A pot bellied     boar with impressive tusks and beautiful eyes! he is the oldest pig on the farm and is on soft food only these days. He thinks he wants to be big and bad but if you can scratch him behind his ears he melts!

Dolly -a black kune-kune female. with her teeth, troll hair and wart - she's gorgeous! she will greet you with friendly grunts and stand there for ages if you give       her a scratch.

Rose - Black micro-pig. Happy little girl who loves her      food and sleep more than anything else! she can be        grumpy to Thistle but they get on like an old married    couple and most of the time her tail is wagging. We are hopeful that rose and Thistle will be first time parents  in the near future.

Thistle - Pink micro-Pig. a very friendly pig who will come to meet you and open his mouth like a hippo to drop a carrot in. He quickly learned this makes him very hard to resist!

 Pip - A mixed breed all black sheep that was bottle fed as an orphan lamb a few years back. Friendly and enjoys a bit of a fuss. 

Buttercup - a mixed breed sheep. the first orphan lamb who came to the farm, she even lived in the farmhouse for a while. Confident and friendly. She had her first lamb last year and we hope there are more to come this spring!  

The poppacups - this girl group trio are pure Southdown sheep. they have teddy bear faces and are pretty cute! They are more timid than the other sheep but when there are carrots around they are much more confident! 

Atilla the Bun - a grey and white half lop male -friendly and adventurous he is a big character for such a small rabbit.

Big Ben - A giant continental Male. twice the size of the other rabbits on the farm!

Tiny Tim - A giant lop Eared Male and the heaviest of all the rabbits - loves his food and a good scratch!

Angel - a tri coloured lop Male - Dont be decieved by his name - he is a wee rascal! 

Lettuce  - a white and grey rex female- rex rabbits have fur like velvet!


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